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Cameron Cole becomes the fourth and final LGBT winner of Big Brother

Cameron Cole has been crowned king of Big Brother 2018, he is also the fourth LGBT person to win the reality show.

Cameron Cole.

Cameron Cole, who, came out during his time in the house said that he was “utterly shell-shocked” when he found out that he was crowned the winner, revealing that he actually thought he’d be out in the first week.

Speaking to the show’s host, Emma Willis, Cameron said, “I am completely and utterly shell-shocked. I can’t even put into words…I just can’t describe it. I never in a billion years did I expect that. I thought I’d be out the first week…I just didn’t think I’d be liked, I thought I was going to be irritating, annoying. I moan a lot….So I just didn’t think I was going to fit in. The Housemates have been incredible. They have been so incredibly supportive. It’s been the most incredible house.”

Cameron Cole looked tearful as he learned he was crowned king of the final ever series of Big Brother.

He added: “It was a dream to get in…I don’t know what to say…I got what I expected and a hundred times more in an unbelievably positive way…It was the most life-changing, incredible experience.”

Cameron Cole became the first male Big Brother UK contestant to come out as gay on the programme. The 18-year-old vlogger opened up about his sexuality with his coming out broadcast on TV on the 5th October.


He came out during a discussion with fellow housemate Lewis Flanagan.  The reveal came after openly gay housemate Cian explained to other housemates, the previous night, that he had a crush on Cameron and would “eat him alive”.

Cameron Cole looking shocked as Emma Willis walked him through his time of the final series of Big Brother in the UK.

He follows in the footsteps of Brian Dowling, Nadia Almada and Luke Anderson, all who identify as part of the LGBT+ community. Brian Dowling became the first gay man to win (during the second season) while Nadia was the first transgender winner. There have been no Lesbian or openly bisexual winners of the show in its 18-year run.





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