Big Brother star Cameron Cole has come out as gay on a national TV show.

Big Brother star Cameron Cole has come out as gay on a national TV show.

Cameron Cole has become the first male Big Brother UK contestant to come out as gay on the programme. The 18-year-old vlogger opened up about his sexuality on the reality TV programme. His coming out was broadcast on last night’s episode (5th October).

He came out during a discussion with fellow housemate Lewis Flanagan. The reveal came after openly gay housemate Cian explained to other housemates, the previous night, that he had a crush on Cameron and would “eat him alive”.

However, Cameron found the announcement awkward.

Speaking to Lewis about what Cian had said, Cameron opened up saying,

“I just wish he wouldn’t have fcking said it. Even if he’d just said it to you, that’d be fine but to say it to the whole fcking group… Everyone’s awkward today with me. Every single person. Conversations are just weird.”


He continued, “I don’t even know what the f*ck to say to him. I don’t even know where to start… Everyone thinks I’m acting weird because someone said they like me. They don’t understand that there’s more layers to that.”

Lewis then asked, “Are you gay?” Cameron who was hiding his face with his hoody replied “yes”. Lewis rallied Cameron to show his face before congratulating him for coming out.

Big Brother continues on Sunday (October 7) on Channel 5.


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