Finding ways to save money isn’t always easy – but it’s even trickier in the newest brainteaser to leave the internet scratching its head.

Half of Brits admit they will be counting the pennies this Christmas – with a quarter relying on voucher websites to make their money go further.




In this puzzle by voucher marketplace,, there’s a discount voucher hidden among the baubles and tinsel in this Christmas tree – can you find it?

A spokesman for, which allows users to buy and sell gift cards and vouchers at a discounted rate, said,

“We all know how difficult it is to make your money go further at this time of year but we reckon this puzzle is no walk in the park either.”

The average Brit will spend £438 this Christmas according to research commissioned by the voucher marketplace.

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The poll of 2,000 UK adults found an average of £185 of our overall spend will go on gifts, while £99 will go on socialising and £39 will be spent on booze.

To make their money go further over the holidays, a third of respondents said they will cut back on dining out and one in ten said they have stopped having their daily coffee on the way to work.

A fifth of people admit they are planning to re-gift presents this year and 19 percent bought many of their gifts during the January sales earlier this year.

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Daniel Zelkind, CEO of, said,

“A quarter of Brits feel Christmas is more expensive than ever.

“Luckily there are easier ways to save money and we have thousands of discounted vouchers selling at between five and 25 percent below their market value.

“These can be used against some of our biggest festive purchases, from Christmas decorations to food, delivering savings that can help at a time when every penny counts.”

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