Evander Holyfield who caused outrage with his anti-gay views has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

CREDIT: Channel 5
CREDIT: Channel 5

Evander Holyfield, former champion boxer, has become the first celebrity to be evicted from the Big Brother house, after Casey Batchelor and Lee Ryan chose to send him home.

Speaking to Emma Willis in his post eviction interview Holyfield said:

I thought I was second [for eviction] , I guess the other one was just a game. Coming into this it’s a matter of votes. Of course I thought I would be loved here. I got a few votes, but not enough.’

During his time in the house the boxer offended many viewers when he stated that homosexuality was not ‘normal’ and could be fixed – a conversation that ultimately resulted in 126 complaints to Ofcom, the UK’s broadcasting and communications regulator.

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Speaking to members of the press Holyfield said:

‘I haven’t got the opportunity to make an apology yet, but I guess with me in that situation, I kind of felt I was talking to one person.

‘I was telling one person my view. I do owe an apology for what I said because I really wasn’t talking and really wasn’t trying to talk about somebody, because I don’t talk about nobody.

‘She asked me something and I thought I was sharing with her my view personally, and I forgot about everything.

‘So I am going to make a public apology about that because I am sorry for anybody I offended in that situation.’


Celebrity Big Brother continues on the 11th January at 9:45pm