The house, the house… it’s all a bit of a designer’s paradise. So here’s some lovely little details we loved about the new Big Brother house…

The designers have gone to town on the Americana and Britishness of this year’s house design. We take a look at our favourite parts.

It’s all Red white and blue, I mean of course we share a common language, but we also share the same flag colours – which is handy… It’s always nice to share a colour palette.

1) Lounge



The centre of the house is the lounge complete with circular sofa – on one side the theme is US the other is UK. Is that sneaky Big Bro trying to cause a divide by suggestion?

2) Kitchen



The milkshakes are fake. Sorry but they are. Plastic. Like any of the celebs perhaps???

3) Diary Room



The Big Brother chair is huge and the room is actually massive

4) Toilet



Just a bog standard bog. Totally boring.

5) Bathroom



Nope this is not a UFO it’s a sink

6) Lighting



Top and bowler hats light the way for the celebrities

7) Exit



There’s an emergency exit… You know just in case a celeb needs to run for the hills.


8) Plugs



God knows why, but there are plugs… The celebs can’t bring anything into the house that needs a plug, but there are plugs. Can you spot them?

9) Vanity Area



Big Brother has provided hairdryers and hair straighteners. That’s where we’d be spending most of our time.

10) Closet



There’s lots of closet room.

11) Comfort



There’s a little bit of fluffy carpet, other than that it’s all pretty hard surfaces.

12) Pool



It may look inviting, but the pool is only just warm. But just like a service station coffee, you wouldn’t want to go swimming in it.



Have you ever had your prostate massaged?