Celebrity Big Brother star Rodrigo was offered a lot of money to remove ding dong

Rodgrigo Alves could have had a lot of wong for his dong, except the offer was actually a cruel joke.

Celebrity Big Brother star, Rodrigo Alves AKA the human Ken Doll was made to believe that a film production company wanted him to remove his penis and offered over £3 million to complete the drastic cosmetic surgery, according to the Daily Mail. Although the star is not shy about having procedures done to his body, apparently lopping off his dick was a step too far, before finding out that whole situation was a stunt for an Italian stunt show called, Hyenas.

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The prank show created an elaborate ruse, including hiring a fake producer to trick Rodgrio into thinking that a huge Hollywood studio wanted him for a starring role – that needed no visible genital outlines, just like the real Ken doll.

But Rodrigo wasn’t down for the surgery, despite the insane amount of money offered.

Rodgrio told the Daily Mail, “My well-being and dignity will always come first and I would not stand for that. I said no straight away but I completely believed it was real”

“I cannot be bought for any sum of money so I was not happy at all when they made the request.”

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Rodrigo has spent in excess of $500,000 on plastic surgery in the last few years in order to get the perfect Peter Pan look.


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62 operations and counting

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The 35-year-old star has had 62 ops so far, in a bid to be “perfect” and delay the ageing process in order to be “Peter Pan young forever”.

In fact, he’s allegedly spent over $500,000 on surgeries in the last few years to complete his aim. Having his penis and testicles removed would have been the 63rd.

Earlier this year, the plastic surgery fanatic took part in Celebrity Big Brother but was removed from the house within days for poor behaviour. The show attracted a huge onslaught of complaints from viewers when Rodrigo used the N-Word repeatedly on the first night.

Following his exit, Rodrigo took to Instagram to say, “It was a great experience while in the #cbb house thank you all for the love and support. After @realmissnatalienunn Natalie left I started to think how I was getting seen by the public after making a language mistake while DRUNK. I am deeply sorry to have let the viewers down and my Fans now I just need to have some ice cream and rest and life goes on….”

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However, Dan Osbourne revealed to The Sun, that there was an unaired incident, saying, “There was an incident in the house, it was just something inappropriate, I didn’t appreciate it.”



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