THEATRE REVIEW | Dietrich Natural Duty, Wilton’s Music Hall, London

★★★★★ | Dietrich Natural Duty

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Marlene Dietrich has been called to duty – and lucky for us it’s in London.
Dietrich, star of many a stage and film, as well as many a front line during WWII, was a legend, was a humanitarian, and was perhaps one of the most famous women of the 20th Century. Now, for a second time this year, we can bathe in her presence, and voice, in a show called Dietrich Natural Duty: A One (Wo)man Show now playing at the almost gorgeous as Dietrich venue Wilton’s Music Hall.
In a stunning, shimmering, glittery beaded golden sequin dress, Dietrich (played to perfection by Peter Groom), takes us back to the time when she, in 1942, amidst the battlefields, turns her back at the country of her birth, Germany, and helps to rally, and excite, the troops. Through a mix of song, wit, curves, and a voice to die for, Dietrich Natural Duty is an irresistible and breathtaking show where Groom just about channels his inner and outer Dietrich to shear perfection. This show, and Groom, is mesmerising and will take your breathe away.
Duetrich Natural Duty: A One (Wo)man Show ends its run on Saturday November 24th. To buy tickets, please click here:
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