Channel 5 has announced that it is to be the new home for Dallas this Autumn.

The series is a continuation of the original series which ended in 1991 and will focus mainly on John Ross Ewing III and Christopher Ewing, the adult sons of Ewing brothers J. R. and Bobby, respectively

The pilot was filmed in 2011 in and around the city of Dallas. Production began in August on the remaining nine episodes for the first season.

The series will not pick up from the conclusions of 1991, or the two TV movies Dallas: J.R. Returns or Dallas: War of the Ewings. Following a twenty year break, the characters and their relationships have continued unseen until episode 1 is broadcast on the UK’s Channel 5.


John Barrowman, a self confessed ‘superfan’ got a closer look at Dallas in a documentary broadcast on Channel 5.