Brit School BoyBand Pointing in the Right Direction

We at TheGayUK love a BoyBand. Four lads writhing around in the ocean spray, getting naked for photo shoots and making sweet music, what’s not to like?

With One Direction and The Wanted deserting us this summer for the US, we were feeling lonesome, that is until we met South4. Hailing from the prestigious Brit School, these lads have some heavyweight acts to follow, including Jessie J, Adele and Leona Lewis.

The lads Joel Baylis, Henry Tredinnick, Luke Newton, all 18 and Oli Evans 19 got together whilst studying, and after a chance meeting with a record executive, South4 found themselves in the studio with the #1 hit production team used by Simon Cowell.

Their first single Cougar Town, is as hot as the boys themselves. Talk of lollipop sucking, rubbering up, and getting down with it… Pure dirty pop and we can’t get enough.


Lead singer Joel, 18 tells us: “Cougar Town is about the fantasy every 18 year old lad has about good looking older women, it’s a song about all the MILFs out there!”

It seems the boys have fans in high places, Joel added, “Jessie J came back to Brit School to visit school last summer, she heard us practising harmonies in the corridor, hi-fived Henry and told him we were going be the next big thing to come out of Brit!”

Cougar Town is out 2nd July from all good digital retailers.

Check out

and to hear the single go to:

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