One of the UK’s most successful Eurovision acts, Cheryl Baker has said that a world-wide song contest is long overdue.


Speaking to TheGayUK Cheryl Baker, who was part of the original Bucks Fizz who took the UK to victory in 1981 with their song Making Your Mind Up, has said that a world-wide song contest is well overdue.

” I think it’s long overdue, to be perfectly honest. I mean, it is already the biggest musical event in the world.

“There is nothing bigger. So, yes, America … I should think they’re broadcasting it because they think, “Hang on, I think I see a trick here.”

Having just returned from Stockholm, Cheryl remarked at the true “camaraderie” that happens at the event.

“I’ve just got back from Stockholm. The one thing that really stands out is the camaraderie and the fact that everyone there is rooting for everyone. You see, you know, if Israel is on stage, you still see Greek flags and Spanish flags. They’re all just there because it’s such a joyous occasion. It just unities everybody.

“Globalvision. That’s a good name.”


Do you agree?

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Cheryl Baker will be live Tweeting about the Eurovision Song Content from 8PM tonight. She’ll be performing in London as well – for the Abigail’s Footsteps Charity.

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