n the UK tipping in a restaurant is discretionary, but usually most people tip between 10 and 12.5 percent. In the USA however, tipping is essential and it's pretty steep in comparison.

How much do you tip?

In the UK tipping in a restaurant is discretionary, but usually most people tip between 10 and 12.5 percent (sometimes that 12.5 percent is actually added on by the restaurant as an option, which you can ask to have removed, but most of us don’t).

In the USA however, tipping in restaurants is essential and it’s pretty steep in comparison to the British way of tipping. When eating out, you are expected to add a whopping 20 percent to your total bill, which can really add to your meal’s total.

Step in, Internet-turned-porn star, Chris Crocker, who opened the debate on tipping, posting a video of him giving a $40 tip on a $14 bill saying, “don’t complain about the tipping when it’s literally part of the dining experience, bitch, if you don’t want to tip, don’t dine the f**k out.

He continued, “We’re not living in Europe where their (servers) hourly pay is built into the situation,” before adding, “Waiters waitresses, bar tenders are juggeling college, children… they’re making $2 an hour, having to split their tips with their co-workers. If you’ve got a problem tipping, sit your ass at home bitch”.

Minimum Wage

In the UK there is a minimum wage (£8.21 for adults over the age of 25 from April 2019) which employers must pay their wait staff, however in the US employers do not have to pay the $7.25 minimum wage to tipped staff and can go as low as $2.13 per hour, as long as tips equals at the minimum wage.


Well, the Internet came at the situation from all sides.


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The Nays

What do you think? How much do you tip?

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