The organisation which runs a lobby, publisher, legal clinic and academy have used Twitter to “choose hate”.

The organisation which runs a book publisher, legal centre and lobby has used twitter to attack the LGBT+ community.

Christian Concern, the organisation which is currently supporting actor Seyi Omooba sue her former agency and a theatre after a backlash against a “homophobic” Facebook post she posted in 2014, took to their official Twitter to claim that “homosexuality is not right”.


On the 30th September 2019 Christian Concern took to Twitter to write,

“Homosexual practice is not right. Jesus is Lord. True love speaks. #MondayMotivation #TrueLoveSpeaks

The post was met with a swift reaction, with many joking that “practice makes perfect”.

A user called, Becky, blasted the organisation for choosing hate.


Another user questioned, “Why do so-called “Christians” get so hung up about gay sex? Seems an odd thing to focus on when there’s so much more bad stuff going in in the world (like mindless shootings, racism, xenophobia and the like) where people are actually getting hurt. Maybe sort your priorities?”

And another added, “Nonsense. There’s no place in the future for silly people and idiotic dogma like this. Your ideas will die out. Thank god.”

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The organisation which is funded, in part, by the charity Faith, Truth and Hope often uses social media to comment on LGBT+ legal issues, as well as abortion and legal issues surrounding Christianity.

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