The actor who was dropped from a production of The Color Purple after the discovery of a Facebook post, in which she said she didn’t think homosexuality was correct, is suing the theatre company and her agency.

Seyi Omooba was dumped from the production of The Color Purple after a Facebook post from 2014 in which she said that she did “not believe homosexuality is right” and that she didn’t people were born gay.


The Facebook post from 2014, went viral earlier this year when actor Aaron Lee shared a screenshot on Twitter saying Omooba owed an explanation to the gay community for her words.

She refused to appologise for the post, in which she wrote, that she does not believe people “can be born gay”.

She added, “I do not believe homosexuality is right, though the law of this land has made it legal doesn’t mean its [sic] right.”


At the time, Curve and Birmingham Hippodrome released a statement saying that Omooba “will no longer be involved with the production” after admitting that the post had “caused significant and widely expressed concerns”.

The actor is now suing the Curve Theatre in Leicester and her agency Global Artists saying that her career is in ruins after the backlash against her.

Christian Concern released a video saying that Seyi had in a “cruel turn of events… found herself in uncharted waters”

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“Because of the backlash from her Facebook post, she was sacked and has been unable to find work.”

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