All is not happy in the world of Big Brother’s Christopher And Mark

Reality TV’s newest, nearly couple Mark Byron and Christopher Hall have a little tiff tonight. The trouble starts in the morning when Christopher, chatting with Chris talks about Mark’s lack of domesticity. Christopher muses over what Mark would be like to live with and says, ‘I don’t think Mark would ever clean or do anything.’ Chris agrees: ‘He wouldn’t even make his own bed.’

Later on in the evening Mark is trying out his psychic powers on Christopher, but fails in all but two attempts to guess what Christopher is thinking, because Mark says Christopher is ‘Mentally Closed’.

Helen tells Mark that Christopher let him win the guessing game to assess his psychic powers. Mark is furious and throws sweet potato at Christopher and tells him that he feels ‘covered in deceit.’

Christopher is amazed by Marks over the top reaction and says that if he was joking then fine but if he was serious he couldn’t date someone like that, but they later clear the air in the kitchen but Christopher does say jokingly: ‘I’m going to kill you.’

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Oooo er Missus….

Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5