Christopher Biggins has announced that he is going to visit a Nazi concentration camp after being removed from Big Brother for unacceptable comments.

Christopher Biggins
Celebrity Big Brother 2016


Christopher Biggins was removed from the Big Brother house last week after it was revealed that he had a made a series of offensive comments about bisexuals and one comment about Jewish people to former X Factor star and fellow housemate Katie Wassiel.


The 67-year-old told The Sun that he is going to visit the Krakow-Plaszow concentration camp to witness, first hand, the horrors that prisoners endured at the hand of the Nazis during the second world war.

He told the Sun

“It will be my first time. I know it’s going to be horrible.

“I know it’s going to be ghastly. I know it’s going to be emotional.”



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Biggins and his partner Neil Sinclair will visit the camp for five days in October.

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