Colton Haynes has opened about about his Dad’s suicide and how he was told that it was after the actor came out as gay.

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Actor Colton Haynes, 28, has revealed in a heartbreaking interview with that he was told his father killed himself after he came out as gay earlier this year.

His father died earlier in the year after swallowing 40 oxycodone pills. There’s no evidence to link his  father’s suicide to Colton’s coming out – the Teen Wolf star said,

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“I was told that my dad killed himself because he found out I was gay.”

After hearing that, Colton says he “lost it” and questioned how anyone could say something like that.


The Arrow actor also revealed that although nobody would ever know the truth about why his father committed suicide, when his mother and his brother went to collect his father’s belonging the only picture on his fridge was Colton’s 8th Grade school photo.