I am discrete about my sexuality because it is my choice. I don’t have to be as I live in the UK and have been openly gay in the past.

I am known on my medical records as being homosexual because I chose to make the disclosure. Publicly I have spoken openly about my sexuality and it is known by the police.

I have never been victimised by any authority in this country because of my sexuality. Policies of governments, education and employment support the diversity of our culture.

When I read about the oppression of people in other countries because of their sexuality I realise how much freedom I have that is implicit in being a UK citizen.

There is an inner desire within me to do something to express that I do not take these rights for granted. I want to show support and solidarity for people who are being oppressed.

The problem I have is when it comes to politics these days I am nothing more than a “keyboard warrior”, who has an opinion but wants an involvement that takes me no further than my armchair.

Perhaps if I was part of an army of warriors with typing fingers we could have an impact. Maybe a lobbying group? It’s free to send an email, or post on social media. It would not be too difficult to share a common message. Does anyone else feel the same?

The other part of my conscience when it comes to the rights I have is I feel LGBT+ rights should be covered in the school curriculum. When I left school I did not even know what a homosexual was, let alone that I was one or more importantly what my legal status was.

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There is a history of campaigning and standing up to be recognised that has come at a cost. If we all knew some LGBT+ history it could help to give respect to us as a group and to be more accepted in the community; because to get to where we are, there has been a journey.

Our place in law and our rights were not gifted to us, they came as a result of landmark changes which eventually led to equality. By knowing our history and the route that got us to where we are today might help all of us remember not to take our freedoms for granted.

About the author: Tom Driver

Disillusioned and back in the closet man who likes other men.

Strongly opinionated, possibly outdated. Genuine, cynical, candid and consider I have a humourous outlook.

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Older than acceptable in Gay circles, larger of frame than is fashionably desirable.

Looking for a platform to share my views and listen to others