Sticks and Stones… may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Somehow this just does not ring true anymore.

I find myself wanting to tell the media to “grow up” and stop reporting these menial items. If I had run to my school teacher about another child being racist or homophobic I would have heard either the words above or been asked: “Did he just say this to you now?” What a killer of a question.

“Erm, well no, not exactly sir, not to me personally, it was a general comment, and I don’t have perspective on it to give context. In the sense of time being forever, it was recent. It was two years ago, five years ago, 10 and even fifteen years ago!”

How pathetic does that sound?

People who become celebrities have a life outside of their public image, or at least they should be entitled to have one and to have had one. What a petty minded, snivelling, crawling group of people reporters must be to go searching for this dirt. They disgust me, I feel ashamed for them and for the organisations who react to the information that is shared with them.

When there are so many more newsworthy items occurring all around the globe, someone has nothing better to do than to retrospectively stalk a celeb via the Internet! All this from the comfort of their office chair. At least the paparazzi had to camp out looking for news and maybe even dig through some bins.

What a shameful statement of our time that celebrity has created a new lower status of life, whose sole purpose is to feed on it and destroy it. Not a symbiotic existence the way some parasites have a benefit to its host, more of a cancer that kills what it has to feed on.

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The Romans sacrificed Christians in the arena and used them as fodder for gladiators in sport. I think many a celebrity might know how those early Christians felt. What will history say about this behaviour, that is becoming a “Witch hunt in our time.”

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About the author: Tom Driver

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