Say it isn’t so… RuPaul just seemed to signal that the end of Drag Race is coming.

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RuPaul just seemingly cancelled RuPaul despite it being one of the network’s most popular shows and Michelle Visage saying that she would be up for judging the competition in season 50 with her zimmer frame.

Taking to Twitter, from the verified RuPaul account, the star answered a fan, by saying,

“Molly, you don’t understand. There may not be another season Drag Race.”

Well, basically shiz hit the fan. It sent lovers of the programme into a tailspin.

Michelle Visage, ever the voice of reason, was quick to smooth over the fears of fans saying that fans were taking RuPaul’s words too seriously and explained that the tweet was “meant to make you go deeper”.

She said,

“You kids take EVERYTHING seriously. You can’t do that. You listen to the podcast, you know @RuPaul goes deeper than surface”.

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RuPaul himself didn’t comment any further on the tweet or what he meant by it. He has kept mostly a low profile on social media, since the inauguration of Donald Trump, just using his account to retweet and promote the podcast that he and Michelle Visage make together.

Before the Tweet which sent fans into turmoil he tweeted,

“Been mostly silent on social. I try to use it for lightness and positivity, but here lately, I got nothin’

“Mostly disappointed that humanity hasn’t evolved further in our lifetime.”

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