lucian piane

In November former composer and producer for RuPaul, Lucian Piane, went on an epic rant, defaming people and throwing wild accusations into the Twittersphere. Well, now he has extended his apologises to anyone he may have offended with his words and has blamed a certain substance.

lucian piane
CREDIT: By Lucian Piane Note: Per communication with image owner logged via OTRS (Ticket#: 2009031310000079), he is both copyright holder/owner of the image, and also author of the photo. (Lucian Piane) [GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons
Lucian Piane shocked many fans last year when he seemingly lost the plot over social media, making wild accusations and advocating the use of racially sensitive words. At first, fans thought that his account had been hacked, but the tweets came thick and fast over a 48 hour period.

During this time, his tweets descended further and further into chaos. At one point he made claims about the Obamas and Clintons. He also claimed that Barack Obama was gay and his own body and nearly everyone on earth was infected with brain-controlling parasites.

The messages published on his account caused much concern and many fans feared for his mental health.

Well, Lucian has made an announcement via Instagram to explain that he was in a “marijuana psychosis” – according to UCLA doctors. He claims he consumed 800mg of cannabis edibles in 48 hour period. He called the experience “eye-opening” and “enlighting”.

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