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tree planted for every search
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Now, people, you can plant a tree for every internet search that you do… That Tom Daley bulge search you just did could have planted a brand spanking new tree. Yep. Feel good about yourself before the self-loathing from that search kicks in.

So far, here in the editorial department, we’ve planted 108 trees. Not bad going, considering we’ve not left our desks for 14 days.

Search company behind the tree planting, Escosia, are vowing to plant a tree for every search that you do with their company. According to their stats, Ecosia funds the planting of a new tree roughly every 11 to 16 seconds. They funded the planting of over seven million trees already.

You even get a little counter at the top of your browser showing how many trees you’ve helped to plant.

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So why are they doing this? Well, they have this to say about trees:

“In short: Trees are the superheroes of the planet. The positive effects they can have on their environment and the people living in it are as versatile as the different shapes they come in.

“Of course planting trees is excellent for the environment. After all, trees are the most efficient CO2 absorbers on the planet. Trees help mitigate climate change, restart water cycles, keep deserts from spreading and turn barren grounds back into fertile woods and farmland.

“So by planting a tree, you can fight climate change, restore landscapes, protect wildlife, provide nutrition, employment, education, medical assistance and political as well as economic stability. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?”

Fair enough.

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Get planting /searching….

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