The UK’s first all-male naked workout is about to start again, with a new class launched in April.

NKDTraining, the UK’s first all-male naked workout has a new group session booked, for the 2nd of April at The Gym Clinic in Chiswick, west London. Speaking about the group, Paul, who founded the class, writes,

“This is a group training session for men in West London. We usually get between 10 and 20 guys for our group sessions. You’ll get a structured fitness class designed to give you a fun but challenging workout. Sunday afternoons at 4pm.”


So what is naked training like? Well, according to the website it’s all about being “free from the restrictions of clothes” and to be more “in tune” with our bodies.

Speaking to Paul spoke about the benefits of naked training from a personal trainer’s perspective,

“As a trainer, there are a lot of benefits. I can see more of the muscles that are working and I can see if there’s an imbalance, say when they’re doing a chest press. You don’t just see the bar moving, you see the muscles that are working, the ones that aren’t and the ones that should be. And it builds a bond, being naked. I don’t know how to explain it.”

We were so curious, we sent our very own Nick Baker to a class to try it out. What did he think?

“It was definitely a unique experience for me, but one that I really wanted try. Not so much to see hot naked guys (again, yes there are plenty of them there) but to come more to terms with my own nakedness. Gay men are often plagued with insecurities about our bodies and the act of stripping off completely in a bold attempt to better yourself takes balls and not just the ones on display.”


Read his full article here.

So what are the class requirements? Well, every participant needs a towel and for health and safety footwear must be worn. You’ll also need to fill out a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before the class.

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Find out more about the class here.



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