Apprentice star Dillon St. Paul has revealed how tense the boardroom process actually is for the candidates.

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Apprentice star Dillon St. Paul has revealed how tense it is in the boardroom. When asked if the Apprentice boardroom was a bit like a strict school room, the magazine art director revealed exclusively to, “Yeah, totally. It’s a really tense atmosphere, and it’s really, really serious.”

And if it looks as though the process from waiting room to boardroom is seamless, Dillon revealed that the candidates are actually kept waiting in complete silence for ages to build the tension and possibly to psyche each other out before they’re allowed to enter the board room. He told us,

“The thing is, what people don’t realise is, you’re kind of outside for ages, and you’re waiting for a long time. I don’t know whether that’s so that you psyche each other out, or whether it’s to give you time to think.We’re kept in complete silence outside for quite a bit longer than you realise”.

So, once inside the boardroom and the candidate meet the 69-year-old billionaire Lord Sugar for the first time, what do they make of him?

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“Every time he makes a joke, everybody laughs regardless of if it’s funny or not because it’s so tense in there,

“He’s quite a serious guy. He just likes straight up. I wouldn’t call him the most patient man in the world. He kind of wants you to get to the point quickly before you’ve even started a sentence. He likes things fast, he likes thing straight talking, and he doesn’t like anybody kind of beating around the bush. You will get called out for that pretty fast anyway, so you learn pretty quickly not to do that.”


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The Apprentice continues tonight on BBC 1 9PM

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