The UK’s top drag competition Tranny Shack Academy kicks off and new drag queens from around the country flock to Soho to audition for a coveted spot.Joining the queue to perform for the first time is farm hand Jacinder from rural Derbyshire. More used to wellies than wigs how will she cope on the hallowed Madame JoJo’s stage infront of dozens of competitive drag rivals?

Also facing this gladiatorial drag contest for the first time is super-confident American drag artiste Bourgoise, and office assistant Nick who creates his own alterego, Violet Sparks, with the guidance of good friend Rosie Beaver.

Whilst the new generation of drag queens fight for a spot in the competition established performer Vanity Von Glow starts to question if there’s more to life than drag as she sets out to forge a second career performing as a boy.