Drag Race’s Felicia Heal’s daughter, 10, has created an incredible and powerful new equality project

Drag Race’s Felicia Heal’s daughter, 10, has created an incredible and powerful new equality project

Drag Queen, Felicia Heals’ daughter, Dasha, who is just 10-years-old and her friends have created a beautiful and powerful project all about equality.

The ten-year-old daughter of Felicia Heals, who made headlines in January after becoming Drag Race Thailand’s first ever bio drag queen hopeful, has created an incredibly powerful and emotional video project, inspired in part by Drag Race Thailand’s star Pangina Heals and the model Cindy Sirinya, to help fellow students at her school realise there is no need to bully or judge other students.


Dasha managed to get Drag Race star Pagina Heals into her video and say the powerful lines ” I am equal”

Speaking about the project, Felicia Heals said, “As some of you know my daughter has been working on a project about equality that was inspired by @panginaheals And @cindysirinya, I was and am in full support of her idea and this was the video she has created with her friends about equality. The thing she said at the end of the video made me think about our perception on people…

“Thank you all of you for the support and giving her your time , so she can spread such a wonderful message out”

The video starts by asking the viewer, “Have you ever judged a person by their gender? By their sexuality? Their skin colour? Or what they do? before allowing a number of people, who identify in many ways, including trans, non-binary and gay to introduce themselves before saying the line “I am equal”.


Speaking to THEGAYUK, Dasha said, “I got inspiration from the global goals and from all the different but equal people I know.

“I think that my project will inspire all types of people that can encourage people who are afraid of letting other people know about themselves and fight for their own rights and respect.

“Also I wanted to open eyes to people in my school to see that no matter how different a person is we are all equal and there is no reason to bully and judge them for being who they are.

“I am really happy to have different people to join my project no matter what is their gender, sexuality , religion and nationality. And thank you so much for the wishes, I hope it makes a difference for someone.

“We can all learn alot from people with different backgrounds.