The show is always making history

Drag Race Thailand has cast its very first cis-gender drag queen called Felicia Heals in the upcoming series on the audition show, which premiered last week. The queen says she’s a “dominatrix diva with the double Ds to prove it” and has only been doing drag for 12 months.

Unfortunately, Felicia didn’t end up in the top 14 queens, but told that she plans to enter Season 3 of Drag Race Thailand, saying “I’m going to be auditioning for season 3 if it (is) open to other genders”

Speaking to GSN Heals says that she decided against being a drag king revealing “it didn’t feel right”.


Felicia Heals has said that she hopes that her appearance in the show will encourage other cisgender drag queens, also known as “bio queens” to be “more accepted and loved”.


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