EastEnders: Explosive Story Between Ben And Johnny Carter

11th November 2014 0 By News Desk

It’s all hotting up between Johnny Carter and Ben Mitchell after Ben tries to sneak a kiss.

But it doesn’t seem all ends well for the pair who have been flirting in an awkward off and on again away. Earlier at a Halloween party, Ben (Harry Reid) told Johnny that he wasn’t gay, but perhaps he’s not quite sure…

The pair seen are sitting quietly on the stairs and Ben tries to steal a little kiss from Johnny, however, Ben becomes aware that the pair are being watched by Abi and they make up a story for their actions.

However explosive action takes place later on as Ben insults Johnny at Lee’s 22nd birthday at The Albert, which leads to a fight between Lee Carter (Danny-Boy Latchard) who defends his brother, using fists first. The on-street brawl leaves Ben bloody and shaken.

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Abi leads Ben back to her house, but not before telling Johnny to stay well clear of Ben.

Episode airs 18th November 2014 on BBC1