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  • Can You Spot The Difference? Johnny Carter Is Back

    Can You Spot The Difference? Johnny Carter Is Back

    Johnny Carter is back – but can you tell the difference?   Johnny is coming back to EastEnders on the 12th April, but he looks very different from the last time we saw him! Johnny has a new actor behind him! The part of Johnny was originated by Sam Strike, who decided to leave the […]

  • FIRST LOOK | Johnny Carter Is Back In EastEnders

    FIRST LOOK | Johnny Carter Is Back In EastEnders

    Johnny Carter is back and here’s the first look.   He’ll be singing karaoke in his first episode of EastEnders on the 12th April – but you may notice that he looks a little different from the last time he was in Albert Square. Last time we saw Johnny Carter he had jumped on his Vespa and was […]

  • EASTENDERS | Johnny’s Back

    The Carters are getting their son back… As actor Ted Reilly announced as Sam Strike’s replacement.

  • Here It Is: The Johnny Carter And Ben Mitchell Kiss

    After weeks of will they? won’t they?, is he?, isn’t he?, Ben Mitchell and Johnny Carter finally share a smooch.

  • Sam Strike Quits EastEnders

    Sam Strike Quits EastEnders

    Sad news, sad news, Sam Strike, the man behind the Square’s only out gay male character is to quit the soap after just one year in the role. Known to all EastEnders‘ fans as Johnny Carter, Sam Strike has decided to break from the show saying, ‘Thanks for all the love this year guys. Means […]

  • EastEnders: Explosive Story Between Ben And Johnny Carter

    It’s all hotting up between Johnny Carter and Ben Mitchell after Ben tries to sneak a kiss. But it doesn’t seem all ends well for the pair who have been flirting in an awkward off and on again away. Earlier at a Halloween party, Ben (Harry Reid) told Johnny that he wasn’t gay, but perhaps […]

  • Is love in the air for Johnny Carter?

    Things look to be hotting up between Johnny Carter and Ben on Eastenders – but Ben has something to tell Johnny. Oh we want this to happen – quite badly, but it looks as though Johnny (Sam Strike) is going to get the ‘I’m not gay’ treatment from Ben (Harry Reid) this week on Eastenders. […]

  • EASTENDERS SPOILER – Johnny Carter kisses new boyfriend

    Ooo it’s getting hot in here! As these new pictures prove, Johnny Carter (Sam Strike) his getting fresh with a new guy he met at Pride!. Having spent the Gay Pride celebrations with Gianluca (played by GABRIELE LOMBARDO)and fallen for him, Johnny introduces him to his family at Linda’s birthday party. Before Gianluca returns to […]

  • EastEnders Spoiler: Is Johnny Carter getting a first boyfriend?

    Is Johnny Carter about to get a boyfriend? An insider says very possibly after gay pride episode. A Walford insider said, ‘It soon becomes clear that Johnny (played by Sam Strike) met someone at gay pride and they really hit it off. He’s got a love bite on his neck and a phone that won’t […]

  • EastEnders | Linda Carter Struggles To Accept Johnny’s Sexuality

    EastEnders | Linda Carter Struggles To Accept Johnny’s Sexuality

    In tonight’s episode of EastEnders Linda Carter struggles to accept her son’s sexuality.

  • EASTENDERS | Johnny Carter is coming out

    BBC 1 will air an emotional scene tonight where Sam Strike’s character Johnny Carter comes out to his father.   After hiding the truth from his family for so long, Johnny finally breaks down in his father’s arms and admits that he is gay. A touching moment this evening when Mick talks to his son […]