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Education expert warns drama, music and sports for girls will be next if No Outsiders isn’t reinstated

As more schools announce that they are suspending the No Outsiders programme, an education expert says that the lessons must continue “in the community where it is most needed.”

Speaking to THEGAYUK the University of Birmingham’s Colin Diamond says that the No Outsiders lessons must continue after four more schools in Birmingham followed in the footsteps of Parkfield Primary School and stopped the teaching of LGBT rights following complaints by parents.


The No Outsiders lesson was the brainchild of Andrew Moffat, where the ethos was to promote LGBT+, disability, religious and gender equality and to help students question transphobia and homophobia in primary schools.


He said, “We must be resolute and hold to the values of the Equalities Act and the Birmingham Curriculum Statement. Local dialogue is essential – but there are red lines here. No Outsiders and in particular the teaching of LGBT issues must continue.

No music, drama and girls’ participation in sports

RemazteredStudio / Pixabay

In a stark warning, Diamond warns that if no action is taken that subjects such as music and drama could be wiped from the ciriculum could be wiped from UK schools.

If No Outsiders did not continue in school Diamond added, “If it does not, I guarantee that the next targets will be music, drama, liberal humanities and girls’ participation in sports.

“No Outsiders is taking off in schools across the UK: it needs to continue to thrive in the community where it is most needed.”

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