The school at the centre of a row over teaching children about LGBT+ relationships has cancelled its lessons, THEGAYUK has learned.

“Until a resolution can be reached No Outsiders will no longer be taught at Parkfield”

The school at the centre of a row over teaching children about LGBT+ relationships has cancelled its lessons, THEGAYUK has learned. Parents of children at Parkfield Primary School in Birmingham, had been planning another protest outside the school this morning, but have called off the demonstration after the school said it would no longer offer the lessons, which taught primary school-aged children about same-sex relationships and gender expressions.


The parents claim that the lessons infringe on their religious beliefs and that the lessons amounted to indoctrination of their children.  Around 98 percent of the school’s population are Muslim.

A statement on the School’s website stated,

“Nothing is more important than ensuring our children’s education continues uninterrupted.

“Yesterday, both parents and the trust held constructive discussions with the Regional Schools Commissioner, and as a result of these discussions we are eager to continue to work together with parents, over the coming days and weeks to find a solution that will support the children in our school to continue their education in a harmonious environment.

“Until a resolution has been reached, No Outsiders lessons will not be taught at Parkfield and we hope that children will not be removed from school to take part in protests.”

“No evidence” that lessons weren’t age-appropriate


In a report released earlier this week, Ofsted said there was no evidence the curriculum overly focused on LGBT issues and that it is taught in an age-appropriate way. In reality, the lessons focus on race, religion, gender identity, age and disabilities. Despite this, the No Outsiders programme has caused many parents of children at the school to demonstrate and around 600 children were removed from classes by their guardians at the beginning of March 2019.

Parents “Welcome” the move

In a statement on the Alumrock Community group, parents wrote that they welcomed the move and demanded that a new programme needed to be “negotiated”, writing

We, the representatives of Parkfield Parents Group have had a positive meeting with the Department of Education to discuss serious concerns we have with the ‘No Outsiders’ programme and its implentation at Parkfield School.

We made our position clear, that the No Outsiders programme cannot continue to be taught at Parkfield School and that a new programme needs be negotiated, with which parents are happy and meets the legal requirements of the Equality Act 2010.

The school have agreed that “Until a resolution has been reached , No Outsiders lessons will not be taught at Parkfield”.

In view of this development, we have decided to postpone the protest for Thursday 14th March 2019. We will await further developments early next week when we expect detailed proposals to be tabled. We will then review our actions with respect to protests and schoolwide withdrawal of children.

We have advised and notified parents that the protest scheduled for Thursday 14th March 2019 is not taking place and that we are keeping future protests under review inview of developments.

We welcome these developments and reiterate that the school needs to work with parents in a spirit of partnership and cooperation and not against them in educating their children.


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