Eight artworks by the artists Jane Moore and Eleanor Pearce were stolen over the weekend at the annual Winter Pride.

The artworks were stolen off the exhibition wall of the ‘John Sizzle and A Man to Pet Cabaret Room’ (Great Gallery upstairs) at Tobacco Dock, in London, during the Winter Pride Art Awards 2014.


Three men were seen removing the artworks between 2am and 3am.

Winter Pride has given a description of the men: one man dressed in all black, the other man was aged between 30-45, 5’9″ bald with thick rimmed glasses.

Simon Tarrant the organiser of the event said,


‘The artists are devastated,

‘Please help us recover these artworks, we just want to get them back to Jane and Eleanor.’

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Anyone with information should contact Simon on the email: info@simontarrant.com

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