If there was ever an award handed out for the most apt Drag Queen name, it would surely go to Sassi Afrika. Sassy in every sense of the word, Sassi Afrika is lively, bold and full of mischief. However, there’s another side to Sassi. She has a heart of gold and does a lot for charity. She also lives with disability and is a champion for people who refuse to let their disability hold them back from achieving their dreams. With a new album coming out and a message to spread, I sat down for a cuppa and a natter with this one of a kind Queen.

DB: Sassi, you claim to have landed on Earth in 2013. What’s the reaction to your arrival been like?
SA: Oh it’s been outstanding, honey. I’m so grateful to have been accepted by the people of Earth. Really I’m just a simple girl from Sassimus Prime, but I came here seeking fame and fortune, and it’s happening. I’m the modern day Madonna.

DB: You’ve been performing at Pride festivals and earlier this year were named as one of the judges of Warwickshire Pride’s Got Talent. What is it about LGBT events that you love so much?
SA: I just love the gays! I also heard that Warwickshire is full of them, so had to make it my destination. To be on the judging panel of Warwickshire Pride’s Got Talent is an absolute honour. Being a woman of many talents, it’s fabulous to be able to pass on my pearls of wisdom to others seeking fame and fortune. Performing at Pride events is always so much fun as I can be as Sassi as I like. And like I said, I just love the gays!

DB: Your debut album, Shockaholic, is being released at the end of November. What can we expect from it?
SA: It is shocking, believe me. You can expect lots of upbeat songs, dance tracks, and even a bit of hip-hop. Sassi sings, Sassi raps, and Sassi knows how to work it! I’m very proud of this album. I can feel a Grammy coming on.

DB: And it’s for charity, right?
SA: Yes that is right. Sassi likes to give back. As I love the gays, I have chosen to donate all of the proceeds from Shockaholic to Push Projects LGBTQ Youth Support charity. They do amazing work with young people and I am like their fairy godmother. So buy my album. It’s all for a good cause.

DB: Aside from being a diva, you do a lot for charity and champion a number of good causes….
SA: I do, darling. It keeps me grounded. I firmly believe in helping others if in a position to do so. I work with young people struggling with their sexuality, I volunteer for numerous charity events, and I also try to be a beacon of hope for people like me.

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It’s no secret that I have disabilities, but I have never allowed them to hold me back. I’m no different to anyone else, apart from being more Sassi obviously, and I am here to show that despite being disabled I can get out there, work it, and do the things I want to do. We should all do that.

DB: What’s in store for Sassi Afrika in 2015?
SA: Well 2015 is looking very Sassi indeed! I can exclusively reveal that I will be returning to the Warwickshire Pride’s Got Talent judging panel, which I am excited about. No doubt I’ll do a Cheryl Fernandez-Thingy and perform too; except I sing live. Then I will be appearing at various Pride festivals and other events. I’d like to go on a Sassi tour to promote my album, but as a woman in demand I’m not sure I’ll fit it in. In 2015 I’d also like to cement my status as a fashion icon and muse to the designers. I’m just waiting for Donatella to call me back. If you’re reading this, ring me babes. There’s so much happening in 2015. Like Cleopatra, Sassi’s comin’ atcha!

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Sassi Afrika’s debut album ‘Shockaholic’ is out on Monday 24th November. Check out her Bandcamp page to get your copy. You can also delve into the Sassi world at www.sassiafrika.moonfruit.com or tweet her @SassiAfrika.

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