He’s been taking Daytime by storm on ITV… Now we want to get to know Rob Rinder a little better.

1) He’s not actually a real life judge But he is a barrister and knows his legal ins and outs so to speak! He worked for the 2 Hare Court law firm for 12 -years before becoming the UK’s Judge Judy…

2) Gavel gavel... He loves a bit of banging of the gavel, however we don’t actually use them in the UK…

3) Benedict Cumberbatch is bessie mates with Robert, he actually married him to his partner, Seth Cumming, in a ceremony that took place in Ibiza. Sadly he and Seth got divorced just three years later.

From ITV Studios

4) He’s also bessie mates with former Tory London Mayoral candidate Ivan Massow.

5) Laughter… When asked what the hardest part about his job was the judge replied, not laughing.

“I broke down in a fit of laughter during a case involving a mother and daughter suing and counter-suing each other.

“But I insisted that the production team keep the scene in.”

6) With over 100 episodes under his belt Judge Rinder still has a long way to go to beat Judge Judy which has over 5328 episodes.

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7) He loves paper it’s the key to your success. If you’ve watched any episodes you’ll notice that if you can prove your case with a sign receipt or contract, you’ll mostly likely win the case against your opponent.

From ITV Studios

8) He’s not too mean. He told Digital Spy,

“I would never ridicule somebody for the public’s entertainment. I really wouldn’t, and I speak to the people who come on the show as I would my own clients…”

9) He loves fitness. Away from the courtroom you’ll find Rob in the gym. He has run marathons in New York and London.

10) Litigants phone in or are found from newspapers. According to the Judge researcher scour the UK for real people with real legal issues.

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11) He was in the closet… After one disgruntled participant was so mad at the Judge’s ruling, backstage, Rob hid in a closet after he started screaming at him.

Apparently, the unhappy complainant wanted to make Rinder’s face look like a Picasso.

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