According to statistics gathered by TheGayUK, Essex tops the list for randiest County in the United Kingdom.

It seems as though men in Essex can’t get enough of cruising grounds in their County, so much so that it tops the list of number of pages viewed for known cruising grounds on TheGayUK’s listing area.


Analytics show that the Essex Cruising page is currently the 19th most popular page from the 1000s of pages of content currently hosted on TheGayUK from July to December 2012.

The next on the list is Surrey at 27th, Kent at 32nd and Edinburgh at 34th.

The top ten list looks like this:

  1. Essex
  2. Surrey
  3. Kent
  4. Edinburgh
  5. Cumbria
  6. Oxfordshire
  7. Devon
  8. Shropshire
  9. Dorset
  10. Glasgow

Although sex in a public places is illegal in the United Kingdom, it is not against the law to meet someone at a known cruising ground and have sex with them in a private residence. However extreme caution should be taken when meeting someone new for the first time especially if you’re intending to invite them back to your home.

Matthew Hodson from leading gay men’s health charity GMFA says,

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‘If you’re going cruising, and you want to f***, take condoms and lube with you, as the other guy may not have any. People often don’t talk much when they’re cruising, so be clear in your own head about what it is you want, and what you will and will not do sexually, and stick to that.

Always be careful in cruising grounds, as muggers and others prey on people who use them. Don’t take valuables with you. Take a walk around the cruising ground and check where the exits are. Try not to be too far away from other people for too long, stay close to groups. Trust your gut instincts, if something doesn’t feel right, walk away from the situation.’


If you’ve got a question about your sexual health try out online sexual health clinic at or visit the brilliant GMFA website at

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