Rylan Clark, never known to miss a chance to be outrageous claims he’ll let Neil Ruddock suck him off if Frankie Dettori is voted out of the Big Brother House on Wednesday.

CREDIT: Channel 5
CREDIT: Channel 5

Rylan, Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock and Frankie were discussing Wednesday’s eviction when Rylan made the disturbing suggestion.

“You’re not worried about Wednesday are you?” Rylan asked the jockey. “God, if you’re out I’d strip naked and let Razor suck me off.”

Ruddock replied:

“Hold up, what do I get out of this?”

Rylan continued,


“No, honestly, if [Frankie went] out I’d eat that bull’s willy,”

Rylan was referring to a shocking challenge the housemates were set as part of this week’s shopping challenge.

Frankie had put himself up for nomination in order for him and his fellow contestants to escape Big Brother’s basement

The eviction happens tonight 9th January 2013 at 9.00PM