She’s a DJ, a singer, and a French Big Brother celebrity. You may remember her famous tune ‘Soundwaves’ from back in 2009. The catchy Dance song was signed in 27 countries including Ministry Of Sound for the UK, reaching number 4 in the Italian Charts and no. 16 in France. She had even won the prestigious Eurodanceweb Award this year, an honour shared with Basshunter (2006), Ultrabeat (2007), Inna (2010) and Milk Inc (2012). The voluptuous blonde ended up on magazine covers countless times and dated famous soccer player Toifilou Maoulida for some time, before taking a break from her music career.

in 2017 she’s BACK and not just with one exciting project, but two!

First of all, she’s teaming up with DJ/Producer BLUE ME (aka Manuel Blanch). Together, they are starting a worldwide club tour. “Blue Me is an incredible DJ, I’ve always loved his track Airwave 99 and his wild energy on stage. We’ll be the perfect combination I’m sure: we’ll both be behind the decks, and he can also play a synthesizer on stage while I can sing live. We won’t be a boring DJ duo, that’s for sure!”. They have recently been posing for the talented photographer Joel Dart (L’Oréal, Puma, Elle Magazine). Here are the sexy results below as well as their deliciously exhilarating official mix!

BLUE ME vs ANGIE BE – Official Mix:

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And finally, she’s also back with a brand new single titled “All Your Love” that should be released soon. The song was composed and produced by an LA-based music team behind the making of hit singles for superstars Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber. The Radio Edit of the song has just been finalized and remixes are being made at the moment. Of the song, Be says: “All Your Love is a perfect summer tune with catchy lyrics, that will get stuck in your head! I’m extremely happy to finally come back with this amazing song. We’ve been working so hard on it, and I’m confident it will be worth it.”


We’re really excited to break the news of this project, and having heard a short clip of Angie Be’s new track we’re sure it’s gonna be a massive club hit! We hope to be able to bring you the full track as soon as it’s officially released!