Eurovision 2016 will be hosted in Stockholm it has been decided – and the TV producers have come up with a unique concept…

Swedish host broadcaster SVT and European Broad Casting Union (EBU) have decided that Eurovision 2016, the 61st in the show’s history, will be hosted in Stockholm. Together with SVT, the City of Stockholm will create a new innovative arena concept, including all four venues – Tele 2 Arena, Ericsson Globe, Hovet and Annexet – in the Stockholm Globe District.

The 60th competition, held in Vienna, saw Sweden’s Mans Zelmerlow win beating Russia and Italy. The UK’s Electro Velvet managed to scrape 5 points coming 24th out of 27.


The main events will take place at all four venues in the Stockholm Globe District. The finale will take place in Ericsson Globe on May 10-14th 2016.

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“The solution with multiple arenas enables us to produce the Eurovision Song Contest in the Globe, have the press centre at the Hovet and the delegations area at the Annex. The Jewel in the Crown is to take Eurovision Song Contest to the next level by incorporating Tele2 Arena during the evening of the finale” ,says Martin Österdahl, executive producer of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016.

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