With the earth stopping news that Christopher has been voted the gayest name, we decided to have a look at some of the famous gay or bi people called Chris, Christopher or some other incarnation of the name.

So after the earth shattering news that the name Christopher was voted the gayest name, we looked into our archives to find famous gay or bi men who have the name Christopher or Chris.


Christopher Biggins. King of panto. Christopher Biggins caused a furore in 2013 when he said in an interview with The Big Issue that bisexuals ruin women’s lives. He also said no re-defining marriage.



Chris Colfer, star of Glee and former face of Mr. Porter.



Chris Crocker, LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE guy. Internet celebrity, who left the YouTube world to embark on a porn career.

Christopher Banks, read his exclusive interview with TheGayUK here

Chris Bryant, UK politician for Labour


Christian Dior, famed fashion designer.

Christopher Hall, star of Big Brother 2014. Mark and Christopher had the UK on tenderhooks with their will they, won’t they relationship. He’s a journalist by trade.

Chris Hughes – Facebook cofounder and entrepreneur, Chris H is listed as number 4 in the Gay Rich List having co-founded Facebook.


Doctor Christian Jessen, okay not a Christopher but still a beautiful man.

Christopher Isherwood, British Novelist born in 1904, died 1986 aged 81. His autobiography Christopher and His Kind was adapted by the BBC into a TV movie, starring Matt Smith.

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Chris Kanyon, of the very few openly gay wrestlers from the US who died in 2010 after committing suicide.

Christian Louboutin, famed designer and partner of the great French landscape gardener Louis Benech.

Christopher Rice, Best selling author of A Density of Souls, The Snow Garden, Light Before Day, Blind Fall, The Moonlit Earth,  and The Heavens Rise.


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