Do You Have A Gay Name? Christopher Voted Gayest Name

Christopher voted the most common gay name.


Christopher voted by users of as the ‘gayest’ name.

 Jimmy or James voted second.

Future names-scape of the LGBT Community could look quite different as Muhammad is the UK’s most popular name

Names can conjure up all sorts of scenarios in your head. A romp in the hay with Brad, a good old pounding with Chud or an evening of poetry and crumpet with Quentin, but now we can reveal the 3 most common gay names.

According to Christopher is the most common male name, followed by James/Jimmy and then Michael. The site asks users: What are the most common names for gays?

According to the site you are most likely to have a relationship with a guy called Christopher. It’s a total mind melt, what would happen if two Christopher’s were to bed together. Chris squared one presumes.

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If you look into statistics however, and taking into account that 10% of the population is assumed not to be heterosexual, Muhammad, according to the Guardian, could the UK’s most popular name in 2014, followed by Oliver, Jack, Noah and Jacob. So the future LGBT+ -name-scape could look quite different.

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