Father of pre-school boy worried that ‘same-sex’ marriage is being discussed with children as young as three.

In a letter published by the Belfast Telegraph a father writes that ‘a homosexual’ told his son, 3, that ‘when they grew up, they could get married to a girl, or a boy.’

The letter begins:

‘MANY of your commentators have speculated as to what the wider implications of allowing same-sex marriages will be on society. I was given a stark illustration of this at the weekend.’

The man’s son, (names have been withheld), asked what marriage was, the father’s response was, ‘when a man and woman loved each other very much and wanted to spend their lives together.’

His son then told him that boys could get married too.

‘Apparently, his carer at nursery, a homosexual, told the entire class that he had great news: when they grew up, they could get married to a girl, or a boy.

Surely, my son is too young to have this discussion? If I were to complain, however, I would be labelled a bigot.’



The same-sex marriage bill has been debated and voted upon by the UK’s MPs and Lords and successfully passed the bill, which will now go to committee and the UK could be celebrating its first same-sex marriage in the summer of 2014.

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