★★★ | Drink Me

Young gay couple James and Andy seem to have everything, especially an extremely busy sex life.

Life in the rather comfortable house they share couldn’t be more perfect and James wants to make it all even more permanent by getting down on his knees and proposing marriage. However timing is everything and Andy fesses up that he has just been laid off from his job, which puts a dampener on any ideas of paying for an expensive wedding right now.

After he has trouble finding new work, money gets tight for the couple so James suggests taking in a lodger. Sebastian a handsome stranger moves in and all seems well until housebound Andy realises that the new member of the household is hiding a secret. He suspects that Sebastian could be the killer who has been stalking the streets of their neighbourhood and responsible for so many people seemingly disappearing into thin air. He will not have to wait long to find out the truth.

This brand new thriller made on a micro-budget on by husband & husband team Daniel & Richard Mansfield is a rare genre i.e. gay vampire drama. Strangely enough it is not nearly as frightening as the overly dramatic soundtrack intonates it should be, and the slight plot unfurls at such a slow pace that there are neither any real scares nor surprises. It does however possess more male full frontal nudity than I have ever seen outside of a porn movie, and full credit to both director and cast, as they ensure that most of it is highly erotic.

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The movie following on from The Secret Path that the Mansfields made last year proves again that this young couple of talented British gay filmmakers are definitely a pair well worth watching.