★★★★★ Intersexiom | A gripping documentary investigating intersex individuals. A staggering 1 in 2000 are born with genitalia which is so ambiguous – it cannot be determined male or female.

There are some who chose to live by neither bracket of male or female, but simply proud to be intersex; unashamed of their difference.


Indeed, Nature loves variety and so should society.

Parts of the documentary took a light hearted approach sharing stories of what it is like to live as intersex in a world where you are made to feel invisible.

Interestingly, many intersex individuals have no idea of such until they hit puberty. Others find out this startling discovery much later on in life.


Obviously there was a more serious heart wrenching side to this film; those who have been traumatised my the stigma of being intersex. Many of these blame the surgeons for telling them they are abnormal and need to be fixed, through genital mutilation – erasing who one is through surgery and medicine so that one is assigned to fit into the ordinary bracket, to fit within a set pattern.

Although it was seen that this genital ‘correction’ provided a solution to a very difficult situation, the fact remains that gender can be a learnt condition. This stuck accord through the 60s and 70s that nurture was more important than nature. However, hospital practices have been slow to change.

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Finally this documentary film is one of hope; hope for the future of intersex. Particularly in todays need for information via the internet, this is becoming a valuable tool in helping and educating others about living as intersex. The fact remains that it is an uncomfortable concept for many people, that the boundaries of gender are blurring. This tolerance of difference is exactly what a free society should promote. What a superb film! Thought provoking and well needed!

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