✭✭✭✭ | Lazy Eye


An L.A. graphic designer is contacted by a flame from his past that puts into doubt the relationship he has with his husband in the new film Lazy Eye.

FIfteen years ago Dean (Lucas Near-Verbrugghe) and Alex (Aaron Costa Ganis) were boyfriends in New York City. But after their breakup, Dean moved to Los Angeles to start a new life. But out of the blue Dean receives an email from Alex, and Dean, after working up the courage and giving it a bit of thought, invites Alex to come visit him in California. Dean still has feelings for Alex (now both in their late 30s), feelings that actually never went away, and Dean gets excited with the thought of seeing Alex again. Dean tells Alex to come and spend the weekend with him at his house in the desert near Joshua Tree.

So when Alex arrives him and Dean pick up right where they left off, jumping right into bed. But fifteen years is a long time for them to have last seen each other, and unfortunately sex is the only thing they have in common. And you see Dean forgot to tell Alex that he is in a long-term relationship with another man, who happens to be in Australia for work. This puts a strain on their weekend, but then there’s more drama when Alex suggests him and Dean get back together again, permanently.

Lazy Eye ( a really poor name for a film this good – the name comes from the beginning of the film when Dean has to get bi-focals because he’s got a lazy eye) is a gentle, easygoing and lovely story about two men who were, or were not, meant to be with each other (we’ve all been there!). Subtle and quiet direction by Tim Kirkman (who also wrote the clever screenplay) and great music by Steven Argila (and great scenery of the Joshua Tree area of the California desert) make Lazy Eye a nice crystal clear viewing, perhaps on your own or with an ex.



Now available on DVD and VOD