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FILM REVIEW | The Last Knights

In the current climate of sword and sorcery fever, stirred up by the wonderful Game of Thrones, we are seeing a surge of books and films set in Machiavellian worlds, with plot twists and turns to keep you on your toes.

This film is one of those – probably more by happenstance than by planning. This film seems to seek to ride that wave – however, it falls short, far short.


A fallen warrior, one of the last knights of the title, seeks to avenge his former and now dishon-oured master against a cruel and corrupt ruler in a pseudo-medieval land.

Beautiful backdrops, amazing scenery, weather fit for Winterfell and its frozen North, there just seems to be something missing.


The cast work hard, the plot, in theory at least, should entertain but it fails somewhere.


Have you ever settled down to watch a good movie, only to be left a little, well, a little flat and dis-appointed?

With a cast that includes Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman, we could expect more but they can only work with what they have. The scenery is wonderful, spectacular even. The castles and courtyards appropriately epic, the costumes perfection.But, and its a big but, it doesn’t succeed – and I can’t put my finger on why?

I read a few reviews on this film from Amazon and my favourite one read: “utter ball bag”. Not sure why this tickled me, but it did! It was also too harsh as it only gave the film 2 stars – I’d give it 3 and maybe a second watch at some point to check if my review was right.
A mild-mannered 3 stars


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