The sickening last moments of a man accused of being gay in Raqqa, Syria were captured by a throng of on lookers, as ISIS’s murderous rampage against gay men continues.

These are some the last images of a man before he was pushed from a tall building, because Islamic State fighters believed he was gay. The man who was blind folded, believed to be in his 20s. He, however survived the fall, but only to be pelted with rocks and stones until he died.His fate echos another killing in which an older man was thrown off a seven storey building, who survived but was then stoned to death.


Raqqa, in Syria was captured by ISIS in early 2012.

Below the building, hundreds of people gathered to watch the man’s fate. According to the Mirror, one of his captors set up a camera on a tripod to capture the man’s fall.

The photos are marked with the yellow logo of ISIS’ Al Hayat Media Centre, which suggests that they are from a unreleased video. The pictures were released by Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, a campaign group which is against ” #ISIS #Assad regime in #Raqqa”.


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