Do not be put off by this ominous title as this is not an environmental doomsday prediction about the state of our planet, but simply a selection of four boy-lit short movies where the action sometimes gets steamy.


The first is You Can’t Curry Love which is the story of a young Asian gay man who cannot get a boyfriend back home in the UK, but when he flies to India on a business trip he falls in love with the very first man he meets and who happens to be Sunil the handsome front desk clerk at his hotel. This too-cute-for-words tale also serves as an infomercial with Sunil preaching on how far gay rights have/have not progressed in his country. They wrap up this happily-ever-after very slight story with one of those camp song and dance numbers that are the mainstay of every Bollywood movie.

Daddy’s Big Girl is a less than satisfactory tale of a sad overweight girl desperately trying to reconcile with her self-centred man-hungry father who is only interested in being a ‘daddy’ to the stream of young gym trainers he beds.

The third movie in this compilation, and probably the best, is Foreign Relations. Shy Tom is assigned to bunk up with handsome Greek Nikos on a group vacation trip. Unsurprisingly Tom totally falls for Nikos even though he has no idea if his new friend shares his preference for boys. By the time this sweet tale ends you are hoping for Tom’s sake that he does.

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The fourth and final movie is Performance Anxiety which is the most amusing one in the quartet. It is the tale of two straight actors who have been cast to play gay in a movie. Both are naturally cute to boot and unnecessarily are as worried as hell. They really needn’t be, as they both would fit in extremely well on our team any day. Or night.

All written and directed by filmmaker Reid Watererand filmed with a cast of engaging young actors, this enjoyable new collection would make a perfect date movie. It may not warm the globe, but it will probably get you hot under the collar at times.