Frankie Grande is celebrating something amazing

“This has been a crazy year and I have survived many many things… including some very recent lows…”

Frankie Grande is celebrating 19 months of being sober. The reality TV star said that despite living through some recent lows, which he didn’t go into, his 19 months of continuous sobriety was “testament to how hard I am working and how wonderful the support I am receiving is”.

The star, who recently revealed that he was in a threeway relationship, took to social media to say that he felt happy, joyous and free after giving up booze one year and seven months ago.


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today i celebrate 19 MONTHS of CONTINUOUS SOBRIETY! and there is SO MUCH TO CELEBRATE! this has been a crazy year and i have survived many many things… including some very recent lows… and the fact that i NEVER wanted to drink or use over those very challenging and hurtful feelings is a MIRACLE and a testament to how hard i am working and how wonderful the support i am receiving is. TODAY, with the help of my friends, my family, my sober buddies and MYSELF… i feel HAPPY JOYOUS AND FREE. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! and if you are out there, struggling with feelings that seem unmanageable and overwhelming i am living proof that you don’t have to drink and use over them… i love you. you got this. ✨🙏💖

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To celebrate the amazing milestone Frankie released a colourful artwork featuring a picture of him smiling and the words, “sexy, sassy and strong” added.

He also took a moment to reach out to anyone who is struggling with depression or unmanageable or overwhelming feelings to offer the words of encouragment, that you don’t “have to drink and use over them…”

Congrats Frankie!

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