Erm… Nope


Now we’re not doctors but, surely injecting semen into any part of your body deserves a conversation that starts with “why” and ends in “nope”.

An unnamed, 33-year-old man in Ireland is ill after injecting himself with his own semen for 18 months in order to treat his bad back. He had been using a hypodermic needle that he had bought online, according to reports.


(C) Metro

The patient has been left with cellulitis in his arm, after injecting himself once a month in a bid to rid himself of back pain.


He went to a hospital due to his back pain and not the cellulitis which had developed in his arm. He was asked by medical staff what the red rash was on his arm when they were told the somewhat unorthodox medicine.

Metro has reported that Dr Lisa Dunne reported the mishap in the Irish Medical Journal, writing, that this was the first ever case of‘semen injection for use as a medical treatment’ and apparently there have never been any tests to find out what the effects of injecting semen into veins or muscles.

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The man apparently then discharged himself from the hospital, before doctors had an opportunity to remove the bodily fluid.

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