Stephen Fry

Ex QI host Stephen Fry has said goodbye to Twitter for a joke it seems some folk didn’t get.

Stephen Fry
CREDIT: © Jean_Nelson | Depositphotos

CREDIT: © Jean_Nelson | Depositphotos

Having hosted the Bafta’s for 11 years now you’d have thought viewers would be wise to Mr Fry’s dry witted sense of humour. Clearly not though as a simple joke at “dear friend” Jenny Beavan caused a backlash on Twitter from outraged individuals.

Fry said to Jenny, returning to her seat after collecting a Bafta award for Best Costume Design for Mad Max, “Only one of the great cinematic costume designers would come to the awards dressed like a bag lady”.

Glamour Magazine’s editor Jo Elvin turned to Twitter to say,

“Uncool of Stephen Fry to say bafta winning costume designer dressed like a ‘bag lady’. With Beth Neil, Journalist, writing “Stephen Fry’s ‘dressed as a bag lady‘ joke about the winner of costume design was horrid. True colours, there.”


Fry explains in his own unique way on his website exactly what he thinks Twitter has become, poetically stating that “just one turd in a reservoir is enough to persuade one not to drink from it.”


Other celebrities joined the Twitter trial in defence of Mr Fry with Matt Lucas joking, “Stephen Fry Didn’t you get the memo? No-one is allowed to do jokes anymore.”

As Fry turns away from 12 million followers on the social media site, could this be the start of others turning their backs on those quick to damn, the easily offended and the plain old trolls?

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Was Mr Fry wrong to joke about a friend’s appearance at an awards ceremony or are people being over sensitive?