Its website was also pulled from Wix.

An anti-gay game where players can kill LGBT+ people by shooting them in the head or throwing them off buildings has lost its ability to take supporter payments by Paypal, has learned.


The game’s website was also yanked by its host, Wix. Writing on the the new website, the game’s creators said, “Our previous website was shut down by our prior host after individuals worldwide who cannot differentiate between a perfectly legal, satirical video game parody and real life decided to make multiple complaints to the hosting provider, Wix, demanding we be censored”.

The game’s creators also said that they had been banned by payment processor, SQUARE.

The game was supposed to have a release date of 1st Feb 2019, but it has been moved up to the 15th January 2018.


The creators say that the gamer takes on the role of Jesus (or a host of other characters) to travel through various cities leaving a “wave of dead terrorists and radicals in his path” in a game which it says it “fun for all the family”.

The radicals are described as social justice warriors, radical feminists, radical LGBT militants, illegal aliens, terrorists, doctors, socialist politicians and a “radical frenzied NON-BINARY, GENDER FLUID pansexual humanoid berserker”.

The Killers


Players have a host of killers they can play as. Jesus is the main character however there is a choice of “Dolf” a character who looks similar to Adolf Hilter, “Tromp” who has the trademark hairstyle of President Donald Trump, “Pootin”, who has a very similar look to President Putin as well as other figures similar to historical leaders and tyrants. The game’s creators deny that the characters are based on real-life people.

The Creators

The game has been created by four people, who are largely anonymised or known solely by their first names. “John” who financed the game says he’s “Christian first, Republican second and is “no stranger to the old “elbow-grease”.

“Anon” is  “A man dismayed at the overwhelming political correctness engulfing the USA and the rest of the world, he now fuels his rage into the development of JSB”


“Anon 2” is “An anonymous European Union resident. The anguish he feels at the EU suppressing his free speech rights drove him to work on JSB”

“Edge” is described as  “a retired full-time edgelord before joining the JSB: JD team. He has seen some edgy things in his time and  now manages the edge factor of JSB”

Support by PayPal dropped

Supporters were previously reminded that they could donate by PayPal in order to help pay for the game to be financed. Supporters were able to make monthly or one-off payments.

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Advertisements reached out to PayPal for comment who told us there were “looking into it, however won’t be able to comment further due to customer confidentiality”.

PayPal has now pulled the ability to use their platform to support his game.


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